About the Band


Ryan Sanchez, a native Texan was drawn to music at an early age. His first genuine experience with music was driving down a Texas highway during a major storm and tornado warning with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Texas Flood” playing on the truck’s radio. It would forever tie Ryan to music. Growing up with the music of ZZ Top, Bruce Springsteen and of course Stevie Ray Vaughan Ryan immediately found himself attracted to the sounds of the electric guitar.

 At the age of 9 he was given his first guitar and it was almost impossible to get it out of his hands. Growing up on the outskirts of the Music Capital of the World, a city full of legendary players, his competitive nature made him spend hours obsessing over his craft. At 14 he attended the Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. This experience of living on his own and being consumed by music established his internal drive to make music his passion and career.

 Following that dream he moved to Nashville, TN. Shortly thereafter Ryan and a friend decided to design and build a recording studio, opening Laughing Heart Studios in 2019. His love for the guitar stayed close to his heart and at a chance meeting Ryan was introduced to Ben Jarrell. It didn’t take long for the two to bond and after a few jam sessions Ryan was asked to join The Roadside Revival. A natural move for a guitar player steeped in blues, country and Rock n Roll.


A Florida native, James Lanigan found his musical influences at an early age. A family environment filled with music from the sounds of the south to Motown, Memphis and of course classic Rock N Roll. Given his first electric guitar at age 11 he banged on it every day after school. “Funny enough I remember originally wanting an electric bass, but my step-father convinced me to go electric guitar because of Sky Dog (Duane Allman). Guess I was always meant to be more of a Berry Oakley” recalls James.

 After a year at Seabreeze High (same school Duane and Greg Allman attended) troubled times took him north to Peoria, IL where James found himself deeply entrenched in the Chicago underground music scene making the short drive to the Windy City a regular occurrence. In and out of various jobs he found work at the local caterpillar plant though music was never far from his sights. Not suited for factory work it was time get back on the musical highway heading back to FL to study music theory and engineering at Daytona State College while driving a Zamboni at Daytona Ice Arena to help pay bills. “At school most of my professors came out of Nashville and most told me that if I wanted to play for a living then I would have to go to Nashville” With diploma in hand and on the advice of his profs James headed to Nashville.

 After arriving in Music City a mutual friend introduced James to Ben Jarrell who at the time was looking for a bass player. That friend suggested James though he had never played a note on the bass guitar and didn’t own one. The challenge was on and desperate to prove himself James went out the next day and bought a Coronado II Fender bass. “I practiced every day, every hour, and every minute that I could. I purchased 3 volumes of Carol Kaye books on bass because she is my favorite player of all-time!” With no regrets Ben hired James to play bass and the two have formed a friendship and bond which has lead them straight to Ben Jarrell’s Roadside Revival.


John Papageorgiou was born in Tenafly, NJ and from his American-Greek family he was introduced at an early age to a wide variety of music through his mother’s record collection. As a young child he found himself working the record player in the living room spinning Roy Orbison, Van Morrison, Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. He also absorbed his father’s passion for Greek music like George Dalaras and Stelios Kanzantzidis. His close relationship with his grandfather opened up the sounds of the 1940s and 1950s to the likes of Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa and the Glenn Miller Band. The many different forms and sounds inspired him and he was banging on pillows, pots and pans and makeshift setups his father built for him.

A close pal in the neighborhood got a drum set which sparked his passion. This lead to the elementary school music teacher urging John’s parents to get him more involved in percussion because she noticed his sense of rhythm. He got his first set of drums when he was about 10, played his first drum solo a few months later and not long after he formed his first band covering classic rock tunes by Led Zeppelin, Cream, the Band and Hendrix along with mixing in current bands like Radiohead & the Strokes.

 He never lost interest in his playing. While in college he jammed with local bands and even played guitar and sang lead vocals at house parties and University events. He received his degree and after working in New York City, John decided to explore the world and get closer to his roots tied in Greece and Europe. His travels led him through a transformative experience in many parts of Europe and served as the catalyst inspiring him to chase his lifelong passion; playing music.

Encouraged by his two close friends already living in Nashville John planned a visit. The day he arrived he was introduced to James Lanigan. The two immediately connected finding a common thread in the music they loved. Lanigan, who was playing bass for a new band Ben Jarrell was putting together, asked if John might be interested in checking out the music and auditioning. Sitting in on the drums it didn’t take long for these four musicians to know they had something special.-John was asked to join the band. “As far as musical success, to me it is the appreciation from fans and respect from peers. I want to create music that I want to hear and that makes me feel something.”